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Chowing Down in Paradise: Phoenix Divers' Top Picks for the best Western restaurants in Koh Tao.

Hey fellow adventure seekers! So, you've just had the dive of your life (or are about to!) with Phoenix Divers here on Koh Tao, and now the big question hits: where's the best spot to chow down? Well, fear not, because we've got the lowdown on the coolest Western joints on the island. Koh Tao Restaurants are more than just places to eat; they're like hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From beachfront bites to savory treats that'll make your taste buds dance, join us on this culinary escapade as we spill the beans on where to find the tastiest Western nosh on our little slice of paradise. Get ready to dive into flavor town with Phoenix Divers – because here, the fun doesn't stop at the water's edge! 🌴🍔

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$ Cheap $$ Mid Range $$$ Expensive

Located just next door this 2nd floor level offers unique views of Sairee beach and is located just next door to us at Phoenix Divers. 1/1 serve delicious sushi and fresh fish with amazing views, definitely check out this amazing restaurant. 0 minute walk from Phoenix Divers $$$

Directly on Sairee beach with amazing views and island vibe Sandbar is a great spot for food and drinks at all times of days serving tapas, delicious mains and great cocktails. 3 minute walk from Phoenix Divers $$$

A very unique restaurant on Koh Tao that probably serves the best authentic Italian food on the island. Make sure you book in advance as they often don’t have space for walk in’s. All of the pasts is homemade and absolutely delicious and all served in a quaint family style restaurant. 25 minute walk from Phoenix Divers $$$

The best hummus and other Israeli food are served at this tucked away restaurant making it a must visit if you liked middle eastern food. Amazing variety of hummus, pitas and other options for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A must try if you are on Koh Tao. 30 minute walk from Phoenix Divers $$

Craving some Indian food? This Indian owned restaurant is the best place for a curry and a beer served in a great setting. All of the curries are good and make sure you try some Pani-Puri for an appetizer. 15 minute walk from Phoenix Divers $$

We all know Thai cuisine is one of the best in the world but let’s be honest, noodles everyday can get boring and if you’re craving a big juicy burger then Hippo Burger is the place to go. This burger bistro serves the best burgers on the island with a great range of sides to satisfy your cravings. 15 minute walk from Phoenix Divers $$

Another great burger spot that takes inspiration from a famous fast food chain starting with the letter ‘M’. Juicy burger is your spot for a quick Mak Mak burger, chicken nuggets and even an amazing selection of wraps or sandwiches to go. 

Another great spot for Italian food and pizzas Portobello probably makes the best pizza on the island. As well as pizza they also serve great pastas, steaks, salads and everything else you would expect from an Italian restaurant. Our top picks are any of the pizza with your favorite toppings and the Gnocchi Pancetta. 15 minute walk from Phoenix Divers $$

The most famous high end eatery serves a range of amazing seafood, tapas, steaks, cocktails and more. The rooftop restaurant is located on the Sairee walking street and is more of a Tapas/Cocktail restaurant where as Darawan is more of a chilled vibe with more main courses as opposed to tapas style. 15 minute walk to Rooftop and 5 minute walk to Darawan $$$

Another great option for Italian, pizzas, pastas and more and located on the main Sairee road. Collect 10 coupons and get a free pizza! 15 minute walk from Phoenix Divers $$

A great spot for sunset food and cocktails with comfy bean bags on the beach Fizz serves great cocktails and a variety of Western and Thai food is on the menu. 15 minute walk from Phoenix Divers $$

Another good option for sushi and Japanese food Asia Mood is a great spot located in Chalok, you will need a scooter to get here as it’s too far to walk but check it out if your craving sushi or an amazing Katsu Curry. 10 minute drive from Phoenix Divers $$

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