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Advanced Course Koh Tao.

Already an Open Water Diver certified to dive up to 18 meters and want to take the next step? Our Advanced course here on Koh Tao will get you certified to 30 meters so that you gain access to a wider range of deeper dive sites. If you aren't already certified then you will need to complete your Open Water Course before starting the Advanced Course
This 2-day Advanced Course will involve a little bit of theory work (no written work and no exams) with your instructor and 5 ocean dives. The 5 dives you will complete for your Advanced course will be Deep, Wreck, Night, Buoyancy, and Navigation. The deep dive will usually be at one of our deeper dive sites here on Koh Tao like Chumphon or Southwest pinnacle so that we can take you all the way to 30 meters. You will also visit our shipwreck, the HTMS Sattakut, practice your buoyancy skills and make sure you're perfectly weighted, practice your navigation and also try scuba diving at night

Like all of our scuba diving courses, you will be taught in groups of no more than 4 divers to 1 friendly & professional dive instructor. All certification costs and equipment rental will be included and your internationally recognized certification will be from the world's largest store-based scuba agency SSI (Scuba Schools International). 

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Advanced Course Schedule

Advanced Course Price

9000thb includes -

  • Access to course materials ​

  • Full equipment rental

  • 2 nights of dorm accommodation

  • 5 Dives

  • Certification costs & an internationally recognized certification from SSI. 

  • Diving logbook


In order to take this course you will need to  -

  • Be aged 10 and over

  • Ability to swim 200m un-aided & tread water for 10 minutes

  • Hold an Open Water or equivalent certification level. 

  • Be in good physical health (Those with known medical conditions may need written approval from a dive medic)

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Advanced Course Koh Tao


Booking takes just seconds - we don't require any payment in advance to book.

Need accommodation too? No worries, you will receive a confirmation email after booking to arrange your stay.  

Our Koh Tao Diving Reviews.

Take a look at our reviews on Google & TripAdvisor about our 5-Star dive center and see why we have a certificate of excellence on TripAdvisor and a score of 4.9/5 on Google. 

Outstanding Learning Experience

Did my Open Water + the Advanced Course here and really enjoyed diving with all the dive team. They always made sure that we learned and applied all the techniques correctly. Felt comfortable enough to start doing the Advanced right the day after the Open Water.

The place to learn how to dive 
Did my Open Water and Advanced Course with Phoenix Divers on Koh Tao. The diving school has a really good vibe and everyone is very friendly. My instructor was very patient and knowledgeable and makes the course very enjoyable! I would recommend to everyone!

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Great Advanced Course

My instructor was very friendly and helpful. The dives were really cool. My favourite one was the Buoyancy Dive where you swim through different objects. The whole team at this dive place is very nice and try their best to make the divers feel comfortable. The equipment was very new.

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