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Koh Tao Fun Dive Trips for certified divers.

Already a certified diver and want to take in some of Koh Tao's beautiful dive sites? If you're not scuba certified you're probably looking for an Open Water Course or One Day Try Dive.

We send out daily diving trips to a range of different dive sites suitable for all levels of divers. Koh Tao offers a variety of different dive sites from beautiful coral reefs, deeper pinnacles & wreck dives.

Before taking you diving we will need to see your certification cards and confirm your last dive date. If it's been more than a year then we will ask you to complete a scuba review/refresher course before we can take you diving. This will take an additional hour or so ontop of the dive trip and make sure you still know how to safely and confidently scuba dive. 



Our dive trips during the day will always do two dives at two different dive sites. On the morning trip we will usually visit deeper dive sites like Chumphon Pinnacle, Green Rock & the wreck. 

Fun Diving Schedule.

Fun Dive Trips Price.

2-4 Dives - 1,800thb (900 per dive)
4-10 Dives - 1,600thb (800 per dive)
10+ Dives - 1,400thb (700 per dive)
Night Dive - 1,000thb

Pool - 1,200thb

Ocean - 1,400

Price includes -

  • Certified dive guide

  • 2 Dives per trip

  • Full equipment rental


In order to join our fun diving trips you will need to be -

  • Aged 10 and over

  • A certified open water diver from a recognised training agency

  • Recent dive experience (usually 12 months) or you may need to do a refresher/scuba review. 

  • Good physical health (Those with known medical conditions may need written approval from a dive medic)

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Koh Tao Fun Dive Trips for certified divers.

Contact us to find out our schedule, check availability and book your dives. Please let us know your certification level and last dive date so we can recommend an itinerary for you. 

Our Koh Tao Fun Diving Reviews.

1000's of people dive with us every year and many even take the time to write us a review. So don't just take our word for it - take a look at our reviews on Google & TripAdvisor

Highly Recommended

I can highly recommend Phoenix Divers. I did my Open Water Course and two fun dives and had an amazing experience. My instructor was the best, he did a great job. He explained everything well, I felt always safe and he even offered an extra session for those who struggled with the needed skills.

Very Professional

Went with them for a fun dive (I have an open water divers license). They were very professional and helpful! Everything was explained to me in detail, from a diving-boat safety briefing (where is EMergency kit etc) to the hand signals and a nice dive briefing. Very very good. Awesome view, great water temperature, nice fish.. etc. All good.

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It was great!

My partner and I went fun diving with Phoenix Divers which was great! Everyone was very friendly. We went diving with two different divemasters, who were both really kind and told us a lot about the dive site. Both of our fun dives were morning dives, where you leave at 7:00 and are back around 11:30. They have drinks and snacks on the boat. We highly recommend diving with Phoenix Divers!

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