Tips on renting a scooter on Koh Tao

Want to avoid the scooter rentals scams, drive safely and explore the best spots on Koh Tao?

Koh Tao is an awesome island most famous for its Scuba Diving, but there is still plenty to do after your diving adventure and for non-divers. Exploring the island by scooter or motorbike is the best way to get around. Taxi’s are hard to come by and are extremely expensive compared to the relatively cheap cost of renting a scooter or motorbike. Average taxi journeys can cost 500thb each way from Sairee Beach to any of the islands view points or beaches and bays compared to the average cost of 200thb for a 24 hours scooter rental.

Motorbike and scooter scams on Koh Tao

Unfortunately there are many scams and horror stories about renting a scooter or motorbike on Koh Tao. Rental shops will massively overcharge for any damage done to the bike and often point out scratches that were already there before you rented the bike. Passports are often required as deposits leaving travelers little choice but to pay the ridiculous sums of money asked by the rental company. To avoid this make sure you go to a reputable rental shop and always take pictures of any damage that the bike already has – this will make sure the rental shop don’t try and put the blame on you for the damage when you return the bike.

The best Motorbike and Scooter rental shops on Koh Tao

There are the two rental companies that we recommend using –

KP Travel are conveniently located just 2 minutes away from our Dive Center in the middle of Sairee Beach and sell every bike with ‘scratch insurance’. This means any scratches will not be charged and you will only pay if you break or crack a part of the bike. They also offer bigger Kawasaki KLX dirt bikes for an extra cost.

Oli’s motorbikes is based in Mae Haad (the pier) where all the ferries come and leave Koh Tao. Oli has over 700 reviews on TripAdvisor and can definitely be trusted and will even spend time with you to help you plan your trip around Koh Tao.

Tips for driving safely on Koh Tao

  • Learning to drive a motorbike or scooter in Thailand is most definitely not recommended
  • Always wear your helmet – make sure your rental company supplies you with a helmet to protect you and avoid any fines from the police
  • Always use your mirrors and check your blind spot – before you turn or change lanes always check your mirrors & blind spots for overtaking and undertaking vehicles
  • Never drive drunk – although this sounds very obvious there are many accidents here involving drunk travelers
  • Drive slowly and expect the unexpected – live the island life properly, nobody is in a rush here so keep your speed low. You never know if a stray dog, patch of sand or overtaking vehicle is round that next corner!

Exploring Koh Tao by scooter