Sabrina’s story – From nervous beginner to confident Open Water Diver

I’m very nervous, will I be able to do the Open Water Course on Koh Tao?

It’s a question we get very often here at Phoenix Divers & 99 times out of 100 the answer to this questions is yes, for sure you can scuba dive. We get all sorts of questions including what happens if I run out of air? Will the fish try and eat me? What if the weather is bad? I’m really nervous, what happens if I panic?

This is pretty much what Sabrina said “I’m scared of the ocean. The idea of scuba diving makes me very nervous. What if I run out of air? I am worried about all of these things but I want to try anyways.” And let’s be honest, if you’re not nervous about breathing whilst 18 meters underwater for the first time then there might be something wrong with you. 

Being nervous is completely normal and that’s why dive professionals are there, to take care of you. Every scuba instructor has passed countless certifications and training both in the water and out to be able to handle any situation under water.

Statistics show that recreational scuba diving is about as safe as swimming. Certainly there are potential hazards, which is why you need training through a reputable agency. But like driving a car, as long as you follow the rules and use common sense, it’s pretty safe. To put it in perspective, the drive in your car to go diving is more dangerous than the diving. More people die playing basketball each year than scuba diving!

How was Sabrina’s Open Water Water Course?

After just a few minutes of answering her questions Sabrina took the plunge and signed up. The next afternoon, Sabrina, her boyfriend, and two friends they had met the day before and convinced to try the course as well, started their training at Phoenix Divers. Flash-forward three and a half days filled with pool sessions, classroom sessions, four dives and lots of fun, the group had all “caught the bug” and were now obsessed scuba divers.

As the group was all celebrating on the last evening, we asked Sabrina what she thought about her experience diving and she replied:

“I told you from the beginning I was scared and you guys went out of your way to make me feel comfortable and safe. From the very beginning in the pool, you had two instructors there and we were in a small group. Both instructors, were always encouraging me and telling me I could do it but never did they force me. They let me take my time. After an extra long pool session, I felt so much more comfortable and confident. I felt safer having prepared so much. I was still nervous the next day for our first two dives but once my head was under the water and I saw all the fish, I was way over my fear and so excited! It took just one dive and I was hooked. Plus, seeing a whale shark on that third dive really help. I am so proud of myself I did it. If I am being totally honest, I am considering coming back to Koh Tao next fall and doing my Dive Master course with Phoenix. I’m totally hooked now!”

We are happy Sabrina and her friends had such a wonderful time and our excited for them to return next fall. Sabrina’s story is one we have heard many times before. After all, most of our instructors started out the same way.

About getting Scuba Certified with Phoenix Divers Koh Tao

We are a small Scuba Diving Center based on the beautiful island of Koh Tao. We offer courses and diving for beginners all the way up to instructor. Our 3 and a half day Open Water course will turn any scuba diving novice into a confident, certified SCUBA diver all for the price of 8,500thb including 4 nights of accommodation.

Our team of dive professionals have all completed their training here at Phoenix Divers and can teach you to dive in English, Thai, German, Swedish, Danish or French. To find out more about our Open Water Divers Course click here.