October 13 – 20. A week full of Whale Sharks

What happened at Phoenix Divers this week?

A lot, to put it simply. October is normally a quiet month for us as the low season kicks in but October 13th – 20th was a week to remember with awesome weather, diving and Whale Shark sightings. We certified lots of Open Water Divers, introduced three new Divemasters in training (DMT’s) to the team and dived with lots of Whale Sharks and turtles, not a bad week eh?

The view from our beachfront balcony was like this all week –

Koh Tao’s newest Open Water Divers

Our new divers this week were Camille and Charly who completed the course with Instructor Hugo in French. Viktoria, Hung, Thomas, Matthias & Emily who completed their course in German with Instructor Fabian, Tauchen mit Fabian Yaaa! Patricia, Tatiana and Yvonne completed the course in English with Instructor Rory and Monica, Alex, and Lorenz who completed the course with instructor Israel (who can also teach in Spanish). Welcome to the underwater world guys.

What did these guys get up to on their Open Water Course?

This fun bunch of people all spent 3 and a half days with us learning how to scuba dive here on Koh Tao. They are all now certified Open Water Divers and are able to dive up to 18 meters. They completed some theory work, a practice dive in our dive pool and 4 Open Water Dives at our beautiful dive sites on Koh Tao. Of course including a dive with Whale Sharks at Chumphon Pinnacle the lucky lot! Want to learn more about doing your Open Water Course with Phoenix Divers?

Three new Divemasters in Training joined the team

Say hello to Becky, Andy & Finn who completed their Open Water, Advanced Adventurer & Stress and Rescue with us and now want to take their diving to a professional level. They have all decided to spend the next 2 months diving, relaxing on Koh Tao’s beaches and enjoying sunset beers with us, doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Becky, Andy & Finn will log at least 60 dives & probably more because our Divemaster program includes unlimited dives and FREE dives for life after you finish the course. They will need to complete swim tests, dive leading skills, dive site mapping, theory work & more to all become competent dive professionals. 2 months living on a paradise island and free dives for life sound good to you? Learn more about our Divemaster program here.

Whale Shark in October with Phoenix Divers Koh Tao