Why choose Koh Tao, Thailand for your Scuba Diving Courses?

Why visit Thailand and do your Scuba Diving Courses?

Thailand is home to over 1000 diving schools that offer the full range of diving courses. The most popular choice for Thailand’s visitors is the Open Water Course – this course is aimed at complete beginners and upon completion gives you your diving certification – a certification that will last a lifetime and allow you to scuba dive up to 18meters.

As well as beginner scuba diving courses Thailand offers more advanced courses & dive trips for already certified divers. More than 250 dive sites are scattered all around Thailand and each dive site offers something different, whether you’re a new diver or seasoned pro there is something for everyone.

Thailand of course also offers professional level Scuba Diving courses so be careful, you might end up visiting Thailand and staying to work as a Scuba Diving instructor!

Why you should visit Koh Tao

Koh Tao – meaning ‘Turtle Island’ – lives up to it’s name. The paradise island is the scuba diving destination of choice in Thailand & is world famous for being one of the best and cheapest places in the world to do your Scuba Diving courses.

At only 21km² Koh Tao is by far the smallest of the three famous islands in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui being the other two. Don’t let its size fool you, the island is home to a wide range of hotels, hostels, guesthouses and five-star luxury resorts – there really is something for everyone.

White-sand beaches and crystal clear waters surround the small island. The vibrant coral reefs are home to a wide range of diverse and colourful sea creatures including turtles, rays, whale sharks and so much more.

As well as diving, snorkelling & enjoying the white-sand beaches Koh Tao offers treks, rock climbing, breathtaking viewpoints, vibrant nightlife and an amazing range of restaurants from traditional Thai street food to high end fine dining experiences.

Why choose Koh Tao for your Scuba Diving Courses?

Koh Tao is probably the most famous destination in the world to get Scuba certified and complete scuba diving courses. The large number of dive schools keeps the price very low and the high number of visitors means Koh Tao’s diving instructors run courses every week – giving them tonnes of experience.

As well as the experienced instructors they also speak a lot of languages! Koh Tao attracts tourists and Scuba diving instructors from every corner of the globe so you will no doubt be able to find a scuba diving course or trip in your language.

It’s not only the price, experienced instructors and the full range of Scuba diving courses offered it’s also that Koh Tao’s dive sites are perfect for all divers – especially beginners. Koh Tao has around 20 dive sites and the vast majority are shallower bays and dive sites that offer flat water, nice visibility & no currents almost all year round. As a new diver fighting with currents, big waves & bad water visibility isn’t something you would want to deal with – especially on a beginners Scuba Diving course.

The dive sites are not only easy to dive but they are also home to a huge range of diverse marine life and beautiful corals. Whale sharks, turtles, stingrays, huge schools of barracuda are some of the highlights along with the smaller reef fish that we see every day. The best dive sites Koh Tao has to offer and that we visit for our Scuba diving courses are Chumphon Pinnacle, HTMS Sattakut and Sail Rock – and many, many more.

Why choose Phoenix Divers Koh Tao for your Scuba Diving Courses in Thailand?

Our dive school, accommodation, restaurant & pool bar are located on Sairee beach, the best place to stay on Koh Tao. Our south Sairee beach location give you direct access to the beach in the quiet southern area of Sairee but is only a 5 minute walk to all the best restaurants and bars Koh Tao has to offer.

Our team of dive professionals have all completed their professional training with us making them extremely knowledgeable about Koh Tao and it’s dive sites. Our dive crew can teach you to dive in English, French, Spanish, Portugese, German, Dutch and Thai.

We offer the full range of Scuba Diving courses and trips all the way from complete beginner to Scuba diving instructor. We are an instructor training center and official Aqualung partner center – one of only a few on Koh Tao. Whether you want to start your diving adventure or turn your hobby into your career, we have you covered!

As well as our Dive school we also offer accommodation, restaurant, pool bar & spa – you will of course get some great discounts in all of them if you are diving with us. All of it is located next door to each other on Sairee beach, the best spot on the island.