Koh Tao Dive Sites

Koh Tao Dive Sites –  home to over 15 dive sites – ranging from beautiful, shallow bays for beginners to wreck and deep dives up to 40m for the more advanced diver.

Sail Rock Dive site, Koh Tao

Sail Rock

Location: Between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan
Depth: Average 18 m / Maximum 40 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

Sail Rock can be easily located in the Gulf as it is an impressive pinnacle that breaks the surface. A great way to begin the dive is to enter through the magnificent chimney at around 4 m that then presents an exit at a depth of 18 m. Keep your eyes peeled for an encounter with a giant green moray eel and clustering coral banded shrimp. An easy dive site to navigate by circling the rock formation, you may also come across pelagic fish such as a whale sharks and bull sharks.

Southwest Pinnacle Dive Site, Koh Tao

Southwest Pinnacle

Location: About 7 km Southwest of Koh Tao
Depth: Average 17 m / Maximum 28 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

A row of pinnacles offering wall dives and fantastic schooling marine life, such as snapper, trevally, and barracuda. The shallower points are carpeted with gardens of sea anemones and the deeper gullies are filled with healthy gorgonians and whip corals.

Chumphon Pinnacle Dive site, Koh Tao

Chumphon Pinnacle

Location: About 5 km northwest of Nang Yuan
Depth: Average 20 m / Maximum 36 m
Level of Diving: Experienced Divers

This deep pinnacle is typically reserved for Advanced divers, but can be accessed on your final open water training dives in good conditions. Majestic views, breathtaking rock formations and large marine life, with the increased chance of whale shark sighting.

Shark Island Dive site, Koh Tao

Shark Island

Location: 1 km off the southern tip of Koh Tao
Depth: Average 15 m / Maximum 28 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

Shark Island is named not for its carnivorous marine life but for the island’s resemblance to a shark fin from certain angles. The occasional currents bring in nutrient rich waters encouraging an abundance of marine life. Groupers, turtles and schools of raccoon butterfly fish inhabit the shallower depths, and nudibranch nurseries line the eastern coast.

White Rock Dive site, Koh Tao

White Rock

Location: Western side of Koh Tao
Depth: Average 16 m / Maximum 28 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

White Rock is one of the most popular dive sites of Koh Tao for both day and night dives. It is home to the titan triggerfish, some of which occasionally act quite aggressively. The rock structures are a number of elevated shelves that provide shelter for honeycomb groupers, long-spined black sea urchins and various sea anemones, along with the soft coral mix with knob and pore corals and the colourful christmas tree worms. If you enjoy underwater photography then this dive site provides the composition, and marine life for great pictures.

Twins dive site, Koh Tao

Twins & Bouyancy World

Location: Western Side of Koh Nang Yuan
Depth: Average 10 m / Maximum 18 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

Scattered around the three rock pinnacles, you will find numerous black sea cucumbers, boulder corals and Neptune barrel sponges covered in long white alabaster tubeworms. In between two of the shallow pinnacles (12 – 14 m) you will find the Clarks anemone fish family protected by a ring of shells. Off to the north of the middle pinnacle you will find Buoyancy World, an ‘alternative’ dive site to help lessen the number of divers at Twins. Here you will find man-made structures built from materials that will attract fish life and coral development along with buoyancy structures used for novice divers to enhance their diving skills.

HTMS Sattakut

Location: 30 m from Hin Pee Wee
Depth: Average 18 m / Maximum 30 m
Level of Diving: Experienced Divers

The HTMS Sattakut (LCI : Landing Craft Infantry 724) shipwreck has become a favourite dive site for visitors to Koh Tao. This former US World War II Navy vessel that runs 48 m in length along the sea bed was sunk on the 18 June 2011 to create a new artificial reef. As a US Navy Ship the Sattakut participated in the Battle of Iwo Jima, one of the most strategic battles between the USA and Japan during World War II.

The wreck’s keel or base sits in the sand at a maximum depth of between 27 and 30 metres while the top of the mast reaches to a depth of 18 metres – making this dive most suitable for divers with the Advanced Open Water certification. She lies 30 m from Hin Pee Wee thereby providing a complimentary dive site offering an abundance of marine life nearby. Here you will find large schools of fusiliers, juvenile yellowtail barracudas, various snappers, wrasse and groupers.


Green Rock Dive site, Koh Tao

Green Rock

Location: North-West of Koh Nang Yuan
Depth: Average 12 m / Maximum 30 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

A spectacular dive site offering adventurous swim-throughs provided by large archways, caverns, caves and crevices which cut through the submerged, bouldering rocks.

Home to the yellow margin triggerfish, divers may encounter a ‘trigger- attack’ during the spawning season, as they become very territorial and protective over their nests which makes for an interesting dive.

Red Rock Dive site, Koh Tao

Red Rock

Location: North-East of Koh Nang Yuan
Depth: Average 12 m / Maximum 20 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

Nicknamed ‘Red Rock’ – a pinnacle that stems from 18 m to just below the surface shelters stingrays, turtles and scorpion fish in the crevices formed through erosion over decades. Taking a heading of 240 degrees, toward the coast of Nang Yuan, you may encounter the infamous titan triggerfish that lingers at the base of a cave opening. This narrow cavern may be explored at the depths of 12 m. Prior to entering be aware that training in cavern diving is necessary for this penetration.

Mango Bay Dive site, Koh Tao

Mango Bay

Location: North of Koh Tao
Depth: Average 5 m / Maximum 16 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

A breeding ground for all small fish, Mango Bay (Aow Muang) has reefs on the east and west coastlines of the bay, along with coral boulders in between providing a natural ‘coral garden’ as we know it today. This bay is perfect for snorkellers and beginner divers to gradually make the transition from shallow sandy topography to deeper depths with rocky contours. Many operators from neighbouring islands visit Mango Bay for its beauty and pristine conditions.

Japanese Gardens Dive site, Koh Tao

Japanese Gardens

Location: East of Koh Nang Yuan
Depth: Average 6 m / Maximum 16 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

Located on the east side of Koh Nang Yuan, Japanese Gardens is separated by one of the world’s only sandbars connecting three teardrops of land. Fantastic snorkeling and great conditions for beginner divers, this dive site offers sandy bottoms to prepare initial divers adjust- ing their buoyancy prior to venturing to the reef areas. The reef dive itself is incredibly beautiful, home to many juvenile fish including blue-ringed angelfish, moon wrasse, damsel and chromis fish with multiple porcupine pufferfish hiding within the crevices. On some occasions you may spot the black and white banded sea snake.