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How to become a diving instructor in Koh Tao Thailand, what do you need?

It goes without saying that being a Scuba Diving instructor is one of the coolest jobs out there and you want to know the best bit? With the right training you can easily become one.

Before you start your professional dive training (divemaster internship & instructor training course) you will need to complete the following courses (please click for more information) –

Once you have completed these three recreational courses you can start your professional training. The Divemaster internship is first and takes between 1-2 months to complete. During the Divemaster internship you will do theory work, pool training & help out our already certified Divemasters and Instructors to lead dives and help to teach courses.

On completion of the Divemaster Internship you will be able to lead underwater tours to certified divers but not teach any diving courses.

Find out more about our Divemaster Internship here.

Learning to Scuba Dive on Koh Tao

Once the Divemaster internship is complete the Instructor Training Course then takes 2 weeks and will focus on teaching methods, safety underwater and of course your ability to act like a dive professional both in and out the water.

On completion of the Instructor Training Course you will be able to teach and certify Open Water Divers, Advanced Courses, Stress and Rescue Courses and more.

Find out more about our Diving Instructor Training Course here.

What’s the possibility of finding a job once you become a Dive Professional?

The quicker answer to that is, a big chance! SSI is the fastest growing dive organisation in the world with Dive School opening up all around South-East Asia, Australia, Europe, America and South America.

If you do all of your professional level courses with us here at Phoenix Divers Koh Tao we offer the chance to do Internships and stay and work after if we feel that you fit our dive team well. Even if our dive team is full we have lots of friends at different dive schools in Koh Tao and Thailand – so we can most definitely help you to get a CV sorted and provide you an awesome reference.

See what jobs are currently vacant through SSI here.

About Phoenix Divers Koh Tao and our Diving Packages and Courses

We offer the full range of courses for beginners all the way up to professional level. All of our diving courses & packages include accommodation at our hostel next door, equipment rental and cover the relevant certification costs.

We have a diving package that suits you –