The Cheapest Open Water Course on Sairee Beach and the best Packages and Deals on Koh Tao

About Phoenix Divers Koh Tao and our cheap Diving Courses & Packages

We have been open for almost 20 years and were one of the first dive schools on the island of Koh Tao. In this time we have certified over 25,000 divers and become one of the best places to learn to dive in Thailand.

Sairee beach is the best place to be for diving on Koh Tao, and lucky for you our Dive School and free accommodation are located right in the center of it.

The best way to learn is in small groups – at Phoenix Divers we do maximum group sizes of 5 so that you can enjoy the best Koh Tao diving experience.

All of our instructors have completed their professional training with us and have at least 3 years of teaching experience in English, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, German, French & Thai.

There’s a reason 1000’s of people choose to get their Open Water diving license here on Koh Tao. The diving is perfect for learning, it’s cheap and has a wide range of diverse dive sites and marine life.

How we can offer the cheapest Open Water Package & Diving courses on Koh Tao

I know what you’re thinking. How can these guys be so cheap, they must cut corners right? Wrong, and here’s why –

Cheap diving Koh Tao – Our owners lived on Koh Tao way before the island became a popular tourist hotspot and they own the land our dive school and hostel is located on. Because of this we avoid paying high prices to rent our awesome location unlike many of our competitors. This means we can pass the saving down to our divers and offer the cheapest courses, deals and packages on Sairee Beach. We can also include accommodation in our diving packages because we have our own hostel just next door, not bad eh?

Cheap Diving Koh Tao – Open Water Diving Courses, Packages & Deals

We offer the full range of courses for beginners all the up to professional level. All of our diving courses & packages include accommodation at our hostel next door, equipment rental and cover the relevant certification costs.

Just because our diving courses, packages and deals are the cheapest on Sairee Beach doesn’t mean we cut any corners! Cheap Diving Koh Tao Reviews –

I have never dived before in my life and decided to do the Open Water Course in Ko Tao at Phoenix Divers. My diving instructor was super relaxed, even when we had to do a break for one day due to illness. He takes his time with you until you feel safe and always stays calm. Nowhere on Ko Tao you can do your diver’s license cheaper and you even get 4 nights at the hostel next to it for free. Overall great experience! (Thanks to Andreaskaiser94 for the review)


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Walked and rode around the whole island to find the best prices and accommodations. Not only does phoenix divers offer 4 day open water courses for 8,500 baht(about $250), but 4 nights of accommodation are included. Our instructor, (who happens to have won an award from SSI for being their most experienced instructor in the world), was patient, professional, and pretty damn funny. I plan on returning to Thailand in the future to do my advanced, search and rescue, and maybe dive masters, but I’ll only return to phoenix divers!! (Thanks Love2Tripp2017 for the review)


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Me and my friend decided to visit Koh Tao to get certified as open water divers. We went to Phoenix, and that was a great idea – it’s maybe the cheapest on the island, the instructors are so cool and the place is a nice combination of relaxed atmosphere and professionality.
So if you’re looking for the best and coolest diving center at Koh Tao, I’d definitely recommend Phoenix Divers!


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