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Cheapest fun dives on Koh tao!

Already have your diving license and want to take in some of Koh Tao’s famous divesites? If you book one of our diving packages our team of dive professionals will show you our beautiful dive sites in a maximum group of four, making sure you are always buddied up with divers of the same certification/experience level.

Our diving packages include accommodation, all equipment and refreshments on the boat. We are always happy to give discounts to dive professionals and divers who already have their own equipment. Dive sites are only decided one day before to suit the needs of our divers and find the sites with the best conditions.

Diving Packages –

1 Night, 2 dives: 1,950 ฿

2 Nights, 4 dives: 3,400 ฿ 

3 Nights, 6 dives: 5,000 ฿ 

4 Nights, 8 dives: 6,500 ฿ 

5 Nights, 10 dives: 8,100 ฿ 

Feeling a bit rusty?

Haven’t dived in over a year? Can’t remember those hand signals? Not comfortable jumping straight back into the water? No problem, we also offer Scuba Reviews.

Daily Boat Schedule

Whenever our boat goes out it does two dives at two different dive sites (apart from night dives) and there are always refreshments on board our spacious boat including tea, coffee, water, fruit and cookies.

Morning Dives

7h00 Departure
Trip Duration: 4-5 hours

Afternoon Dives
12h30 Departure
Trip Duration: 4-5 hours

Night Dive
18h00 Departure
Trip Duration: Max 2 Hours

*Boat times can change due to low season and bad weather

Already have your own accommodation?

We also offer fun dives to customers who don’t stay in our resort.

2 fun dives: 1,600 ฿ (800 ฿ each)

4 fun dives: 2,700 ฿ (675 ฿ each)

10 fun dives: 6,500 ฿ (650 ฿ each)



  • A diving license from a recognised training agency
  • Recent dive experience (if not please allow time for a scuba review)
  • Good physical health

Additional information


1 night, 2 fun dives, 2 nights, 4 fun dives, 3 nights, 6 fun dives, 4 nights, 8 fun dives, 5 nights, 10 fun dives, 2 fun dives, 4 fun dives, 10 fun dives


Fun Dives & Packages

1,600 ฿8,100 ฿

When you book online you will receive a confirmation email so we can –

  • Book your preffered type of accommodation
  • Confirm the date of your arrival
  • Confirm the date you want to start your dives
  • Organise a taxi to pick you up from the pier

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